I have been a practicing artist/photographer since the mid 1970’s. I have worked in a major midwestern art museum, taught photography, video and digital art at the college/university level, curated film and video programs, and designed and managed funding programs for artists.

Over the past five or six years I have maintained a small studio in Perry, NY. I am primarily a photographer at this point in time, but this is not a traditional photography studio. No lights, no portraits, just a computer, scanner and printer. On the walls I hang the work of other photographers, three or four shows a year. That work is for sale. My own photo work is in the form of a journal or diary. I occasionally show my work in other galleries, and self-publish photo books to accompany the exhibits. My books and prints are available for purchase.

I offer copy, scanning and printing services to photographers and artists. I copy paintings, prints and drawings for reproduction. I scan flat-art up to 9x12 with an Epson V600 and color and B&W film from 35mm up to 5x7 with an Imacon. I print with an Epson P7000 up to 24” wide on a variety of media.