Souvenirs - 2011 Gallery of Images

Souvenirs - 2011

My work is about where I am at any moment. The places I pass on my way to where I am going, what I see when I get out of the car, when I turn around... Some of these places I see almost daily, others I may never see again... These are places and things I see, usually, while I am doing something other than out making photographs. They are part of my day to day life. On my way to or from a job, the grocery store, getting my kids from school or a ball game... An occasional trip to see family or for work. They mark the passage of time... They are a record of where I was, and when...

The images in this book are from the year 2011. They are selected from my journals and arranged here in chronological order from January through December, five images representing each month. In them you can see the annual cycle, winter, giving way to spring and summer. Then the very gradual coming of fall before the snows and the sky turns gray. You can also see signs of a multinational corporate presence in our rural areas, industrial farming, an economy that is in a tail-spin... You can see the evidence of national and global conflict and the players in that game as well as occasional signs of hope.

For the portfolio I have selected twelve images, one from each month. Again they are arranged from January to December and I hope the selected images offer a glimpe of where I have been and what I have been doing.

This work was shown at the Arts Council for Wyoming County in June & July 2012 with an introduction written by Photographer/Filmmaker Mike Hazard.  

The portfolio is issued in two sizes, 8" X 55" and 13" X 86".  The individual prints sell for $300 and $750 each, the portfolios of 12 prints are priced at $3000 and $7500. 

The prints are un-mounted and un-framed and printed on Epson paper with Epson inks.

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